Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Personal, Affordable, Practical and Integrative coaching that delivers Real Results.  Our goal is to be the Premier coaching service for  amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts in the Southwest.

  • Personal: We will base your training program on your individual and specific goals, abilities and personal factors (such as how many hours you work, your family responsibilities, your vacation plans, etc.). 
  • Affordable: We will strive to give the best coaching-for-the dollar value.  Other coaching services may charge more or less, but our goal is to give the best value to you for a reasonable cost.
  • Practical: We will give you a realistic training plan, consistent with your fitness goals and the other demands on your time.  We will make the plan as easy to follow as possible, and try to explain things to you in plain English.  If factors change in your life (new job commitments, etc.) we will adjust your training plan and help you modify your goals, if appropriate.
  • Integrative: We will look at the big picture of all the things that you are doing, and try to balance your training in order to avoid overtraining in one area or another.  We will integrate all of the essential elements of your training into one comprehensive plan (e.g., strength training, stretching, running, biking, swimming, aerobics classes, yoga, cross-training, etc.), so that one activity does not detract from the others in a way that will hamper your progress.
  • Real Results: The sole measure of our success is your success.  Are you improving?  Have you improved?  Are you healthier and fitter?  Are you faster? We will tweak your training plan as necessary to keep you moving forward on your goals and help you Be Your Best.

To be considered the Premier Coaching Service, we will measure our success, first and foremost, by the improvements we help our clients to achieve.  We will NOT measure our success solely by the number of clients we coach or by the clients who win races; but rather, by whether we have helped each individual to maximize his or her own potential, in the context of his or her own goals.

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