"The training program proved itself when I took 30 minutes off my Half Ironman time!"

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Frequently Asked Questions



What will GageTotalTraining do for me?

What we do is consult with you and find out about your individual goals.  We then design monthly work-out programs that are individualized to fit your needs.  We make up  monthly training charts/calendars for you, (which you can access via the internet or obtain via email) with detailed suggested workouts for each day; the workouts are designed to move you toward your goals.  Each day, you can record notes about your workouts, which we will review (via email) to determine how your program is going, and if we need to, we then modify the program for the future in order to maximize your progress. 


Do you coach different levels of athletes?

We work with all levels of athletes, and we especially like to work with people who have a good attitude.


What about weights, stretching and nutrition?

As ACE certified as personal trainers, we can design strength training and stretching programs as part of your monthly triathlon training program.  We are NOT registered dietitians, but we can give you general nutrition advice and/or race-specific nutritional ideas (i.e., what to eat and drink DURING a race).  Also, we have partnered with a nutritionist who can provide detailed nutrition advice at a special price for our clients.


What if I need one-on-one training?

We do offer one-on-one training (e.g., private swim lessons; private track running sessions; etc.) for a fee (which varies depending upon the service).  If you want more info on this, contact us


We hope we've given you enough (and not too much) info about our coaching program.  If you have more questions, we are happy to answer them.  Just email us.


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